Come sling merch with us!

At Enslain, our crew is our life blood.

We’re always looking to build our team with like-minded folks who are passionate about being part of the live music scene! We’re a fun-loving crew who don’t take ourselves too seriously, except when it comes to getting the job done.

All our crew members get to decide which gigs they’re interested in participating in: do you only want to work at gigs in your city? Do you love volunteering at festivals and want to be on the crew that has the most fun? Does touring the world sound like an adventure you need in your life? Let’s make it happen!

Chrissy, Nadya, Janetta, Katri, Milla, Aaro and Serena are huddled together and smiling, standing in front of and top of the merchandise table at Steelfest 2023.
Photo taken by Arto Soini

Crew perks

  • Get free entry to gigs/fests
  • Hang with cool people (at least we think we’re pretty cool)
  • Get breaks to watch bands
  • Laugh at drunks and naked people
  • Meet bands
  • Free meals, and sometimes also beers
  • Get occasional free swag

Now recruiting

Here are some places and events we’re especially looking to recruit fresh blood:

  • Steelfest 2024
  • Saarihelvetti 2024
  • Dark River Festival 2024
  • More sellers from Oulu, Helsinki and Seinäjoki
  • Everything and anything else!

Sound good?

Hells yeah it does. Send us a message and let us know how you’d like to be involved!

Join us!

Janetta, Fanny, Chrissy, Katri and Aaro huddled together on the merchandise table at the North of Hell festival.
Photo taken by Jussi Mankkinen / Yle