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Chrissy is sitting on Miikka's shoulders in front of a wall full of hanging Battle Beast shirts. They're both having fun and laughing.
Photo taken by Sami Hinkkanen

Meet the Enslain crew

Chrissy Hujanen (Lady Enslain)

Close up of Chrissy working at a gig.

Before there was Enslain Metal Merch, there was Enslain Magazine, a ‘zine I dropped out of high school to start publishing in the Philly area, before I even knew that ‘zines existed. I’ve been passionate about heavy metal since I became first confronted with it, and I’ve always found myself needing to help nurture the scene, so I tried coming up with my own ways to do so. Life as a metal magazine editor was fast and fulfilling in those years before paper became irrelevant and news became instantaneous, and my whole life had transformed in a blink. Eventually, this paved the path to working more closely with the artists, and once I set off on my first tour in 2000 selling merch for In Flames and Nevermore, my new path became inevitable. I love being on the road; the thrill, the freedom. I love connecting with people – fans, artists, friends – who share a similar passion for music. And I love knowing that what I do helps the bands that I love be more profitable, less stressed, and better able to keep going, and producing the music that shapes us.

In 2008, I took the bold leap to continue my endeavors in Finland – because of the abundance of music here that spoke to me, and the promise of opportunities to work alongside these kinds of bands. But the scene was completely different here, and I was basically starting anew, and with so much exciting new music and trends to explore, I focused entirely on publishing, journalizing, and doing absolute buttloads of gig photography. But with print media being a dying art, and modern readership having the attention span of a house fly, I started to feel pulled away from my writing efforts, and began to long for touring again. I slowly began selling merch locally – in Helsinki, and around Finland, primarily for Kalmah. As my roster grew, the demand started to become so big that I couldn’t take on all the gigs myself. So, instead of declining opportunities (do I maybe have a savior complex when it comes to helping musicians?), I always managed to find a friend to come help, or to take care of the gigs I couldn’t get to.

Fast-forwarding to now, I find myself leading a team of merch sellers, handling nearly 100 gigs per year, all across Finland. I also still tour occasionally, and run the merch tables at a handful of open-air and indoor festivals, which I never imagined would be within my grasp. It’s often unfathomable to me that this music nerd from Camden, New Jersey could grow up to make some kind of mark on the metal scene – in Finland, of all places. But I love what I do, and I feel especially honored to work with such exceptional artists, and have such a fun and dedicated crew to share these adventures with!

When I’m not selling merch (when is that exactly?), I’m at home being the mom of two cat creatures and a little boy named Miki, whom I’m waiting for to be old enough to recruit as my mini-me metal merch man. I’m an amateur aerialist, which is why you might see me behind the merch stand doing strange yoga or stretching poses when I think you’re not watching. I am devoted to the search for a good pizza in Finland – the kind where the cheese pulls and the grease coats the surface, where the top of the crust forms bubbles and the bottom is floppy but holds firmly together. And although I’m introverted and may sometimes appear quiet or reserved, in reality I’m an open book, ready to overshare whenever I have a willing audience.

The Enslain Legion

  • Photo of Janetta giving the camera a thumbsup while standing in front of Torchia t-shirts


    Location: Oulu

    I'm a nocturnal bassist creature and my roots are in the cold dark north. Metal has been my passion for 20 years and I need my daily dose of black metal just as much as coffee.

  • Katri is smiling while standing in front of a various assortment of hanging band t-shirts.


    Location: Tampere

    I'm a goofy ass ADHD peep with bad humor. I love selling merch and contact with people. I hope my future is somekind of music industry thingy.

  • Artistic shot of Serena holding her camera.


    Location: Tampere

    Your (not so) friendly neighborhood merchographer.

  • Sandra is sitting in a vehicle.


    Location: Kuopio

    My name is Sandra. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I enjoy merch selling opportunities. It's nice to meet different people and get to joke, laugh, and chat! I try to do my best so that no one leaves without buying something to support the band!

  • Artistic, sepia-toned portrait of Miikka, in front of a background full of trees and snow.


    Location: Helsinki

    I sell merch mainly for Battle Beast, but randomly work with other acts too. When I'm not doing that, I'm either engaged with roleplaying games (tabletop & PC), making music with my band Crimson Sun or working on my day job as a journalist.

  • Mary is sitting a vehicle.


    Location: Queens, NYC

    American desperately trying to learn Finnish, sits on Santa's lap every xmas and needs multiple cups of dark coffee to function.

  • Aaro is flashing the horns while standing in front of a wall of hanging t-shirts and hoodies.


    Location: Turku

    Beer drinking black metal monster from the one and only true capital of Finland (Turku).

  • Mirror selfie of Milla holding her skull case-covered phone.


    Location: Tampere

    Hi, I'm Milla. I love skulls and cats and practice tattooing every now and then. I also do a lot of different jobs, but merch jobs are definitely my favorites.

  • Close up of Bear (a.k.a. Amy) growling while holding a Dark River Festival press pass.


    Location: Tuusula

    Hi, I'm Amy or Bear, or whatever really. I am an author, a word wizard, and semi-retired music journalist who spends most of my time writing stories and reviews, digging into concept albums, podcasting and interviewing, and cross-stitching pixel art. You can learn more about me at bearwiseman.com.

  • Artistic black and white portrait of Sofia standing in a field in front of a forest.


    Location: Hellsinki

    Just another mediterranean soul who moved to the north for the love of metal. My journey started as a music journalist - you’ll often see me in the photo pit capturing my favorite bands, if I’m not behind the merch table. I also work freelance in the industry doing social medial for bands, promotion & others. I love traveling and am a proud geek. See you on the road!

  • Nadya is standing in front of Tanssisali Lutakko's door.


    Location: Jyväskylä

    I'm Enslain's self-appointed CTO, and I designed and built this website. I enjoy fast, blasty death metal and sugar highs. Often simultaneously. My fulfilling full-time job is being a door opener, scritch giver, and living heating pad for The Catkinens.