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Enslain Metal Merch is a fun and friendly Finnish dream team of gig and festival merch sellers, working for artists and festivals to get merchandise into the hands of the fans!

Enslain is an independent, music-centric Finnish company with over twenty years of experience selling merchandise at events: primarily, but not exclusively, metal gigs.

Our crew consists of attentive and ambitious merch sellers located in numerous major cities throughout Finland, and we also run the merch booths at some of the country’s premiere metal festivals and do tours internationally.

Chrissy Hujanen standing in a tent at a metal festival behind a table full of band merchandise.

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  • Kalmah's, Mors Subita's, and Suotana's t-shirts, hats, patches, CDs and vinyls neatly displayed on a table.

    For bands

    Looking for local sellers for your gigs, or someone to join your crew on tour? That’s what we do!

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  • Chrissy, Miikka, Amy and Janetta enthusiastically flashing the horns in a large merchandise tent at The Metal Capital festival.

    For promoters

    Need an experienced and affordable crew to manage your event’s merchandise sales? We love festivals!

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  • Chrissy, Nadya, Katri, Milla, Serena, Janetta and Aaro are huddled together and smiling, standing in front of and top of the merchandise table at Steelfest 2023.

    For volunteers

    Have you always wanted to be part of a crew dedicated to music, or do you love the idea of working at events?

    Join us!

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