Interview with Peter

Sometimes Americans fail to count our blessings. Sure, our country may be overly crowded with closed and weak minded followers, violations of freedom, and greed interfering with art, but not only can this be found elsewhere, it also exists in greater degrees in other countries. This is the case with Vader's home country of Poland, and many other countries as well. Struggling against these oppressive, anti-metal laws, Vader have managed to carve themselves a comfortable place in metal's underground.

Enslain: Do you play a lot of shows in Poland?
Peter: Nope! (laughs) It's funny, because we are from Poland, and we're kind of guests in our home land. Problem is, there's not so many places like this, even like clubs... That's what we need in Poland. And the bigger problem, is the Christian church, they have big control on Poland now, the kind of government is Christian, so the cancellation of our shows is pretty popular.

Enslain: So where do you play most often?
Peter: Since '93 we play like 100 shows a year... we play a lot... you know, Germany, is maybe the most popular in Europe, you know, metal, is the most popular over there. But in general, Europe is better place for playing metal music, not just black metal, death metal, metal music, than in America. Metal it seems popular over here, from what I've seen, but the promotion over here is not enough. It's like a business, I think, so people don't care about people who need metal, they just need money. This is what killed the art in general, music, everything.

Enslain: Who are you influenced by?
Peter: I think my personal influence, from like the beginning, was like, Sabbath, Judas, and Slayer. But of course, it's not like, just those bands, I think that's the main influence. But of course I'm still listening to like the heaviest bands, like Morbid Angel or whatever, like more grind style...

Enslain: Were you in any bands before Vader?
Peter: No, I started playing guitar in Vader. But we started in like '83, '84, so... Regular studio albums, we recorded 3 of them, but aside from those 3 we have a couple of EPs, a few live albums, a covers album, 2 demos, so together, it's like more than 10.

Enslain: What is your faith?
Peter: You know, I don't care about Christianity in general, as a belief, but I hate the system, it's kind of like politics. Especially in Poland, it's just so big, the Christian church is so big, they try to keep under control all the citizens of Poland. You know, the Polish citizens, the traditions are very Christian, so there's a really big Christian tradition in Poland still existing, and those guys, you know, the church, they use them, they use them to get money, to get power, and this I cannot accept. So this is how I am, I'm absolutely against... that's why I can call myself a Satanist, just because I am against this kind of system. I've got friends with Christians, but they're not like a fuckin' hypocrites. In my opinion, they're walking like the wrong way, because it's unnatural to us, as humans, but you know, it's their choice. But I hate all those guys that try to, totally, you know, this is the only good way for you and you must follow this way. That's what I cannot stand.

Enslain: Are you happy with Pavement in America?
Peter: To be honest, maybe I shouldn't say this, but they suck! There's no promotion for Vader now, we are just in Pavement, but we don't have any promotion here. We don't need like fucking something special for us; we need like regular promotion...The good side of that, is that the distribution of our CDs is much better now, than it used to be, like two years ago.

Enslain: What non-music related hobbies do you have?
Peter: If I've got time... cuz you know, I'm a busy person, but my hobby is the 2nd World War. So I collect like the books and all that, and like making the models. But generally, reading books is not just a hobby, it's something more, so if I've got time, like when I'm traveling, I try to read as much as possible.

Enslain: Anything you'd like to share with everyone? You know, buy our CDs!?
Peter: You know what? Of course I am happy to see people that want to see, or hear our music, and listen to our CDs or something, but I am not kind of merchant, you know, "Buy this! Buy This!", no I am here to give emotions, to give pain for the ears, to give pleasure for flesh. Of course it's my job, so I can't say I don't care about money, because I need money to survive. But the money can be like; it shouldn't be a goal. -- Lady Enslain

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