Interview with Angela Gossow
NUMMIROCK, June 20, 2009

For as fierce and manly as she sounds on stage, Angela is quite a well-balanced, down-to-earth, and surprisingly feminine young lady. Angela is quite extreme in many senses, as in her music preferences she's quite uncompromising. She's also outspoken about respecting oneself and one's body, in a very extreme sense. Perhaps this strong character she holds is precisely what makes her the ideal frontwoman for a death metal band, and an ideal role model for chicks that would prefer to excel in life than to drink their livers into a medical waste dump.

On this last day of Nummirock, having had the nerve for this interview only after drinking warm beers for the previous 8 hours, I hadn't quite realized how long I kept her from doing her vocal preparation for the night's gig, which was starting about a half an hour after the interview's end. The conversation lasted quite a lot over our alotted time (sorry, Angela!) and we delved into several quite different topics, so for easier browsing, I've separated these with headings.

Life in Sweden

Festivals and Fame

Whiskey and Wellness

On Stage with Carcass

Finland and the Frostbite Fiasco

Growling Girl


Enslain: Youíre originally from Germany, but where are you living nowadays?

Angela Gossow: I live in the world!It doesnít really matter where I live because we tour so much anyway.But I do live in Sweden where we have a rehearsal space.We all live a little bit scattered around Sweden, but thatís the nearest place for everybody, because everybody comes to this place, and itís cheap.

Enslain: So how long have been living in Sweden?

Angela: I think I moved in 2004.

Enslain: And do you speak Swedish?

Angela: Says something in SwedishÖ (something like I speak Swedish a little). Yeah I speak Swedish, but itís not great, itís like day-to-day Swedish, and the thing is that Michael and Chris are both British, and then his brother lives in England, and Sharlee has lived in the U.S., soÖ

Enslain: So when youíre rehearsing or communicating within the band, youíre speaking to each other in English, or?

Angela: Oh no, no, they speak Swedish often, and I just answer in English, itís mixed up, a mix of languages really.And then thereís some German in there when things go wrong! (laughs) We definitely have an interesting language thing.But the thing is, I donít really think about it, I sometimes speak English then I switch to Swedish or sometimes a bit of German and I donít really notice; itís weird, Iím kind of mixed up in the head.My mom knows, sheís like ďum, what did you just say?Ē ďmmm, I think that was Swedish!Sorry, Iím gonna rephrase that.Ē

Enslain: When you play gigs in Sweden, are you announcing everything in Swedish?

Angela: Half and half as well, whatever word I donít know in Swedish is going to be in English!I usually say, you know, ďitís pretty nice to be hereĒ in Swedish, but itís not that great so, you know.

Enslain: Was just curious, as the singer of Nightwish, for example, doesnít speak Finnish on stage yet, and of course I think people just like to hear their own language.

Angela: Itís very difficult though, Finnish, I have to say.Such a strangeÖ totally different from Swedish.

Enslain: Do you know a word?

Angela: UmÖ kiitos!Yeah thatís about it.I mean, also, megapussi!Because, you know these big bags, like, you know what Ďmegapussií is, and you think itís really really good, itís like mega pussy!They see it and are like, ďYes I want that, I want two of those mega pussies!ĒBut I have to say that English, Swedish and German do have a lot of words in common so itís a lot easier.But Finnish is really out there.Itís very throaty, as well, itís hard to imitate.Probably is like the country the language is in, itís a bit like, I think a lot of people here are borderline depressed.They drink a lot, thatís what I know.

Enslain: So how have you adjusted to living in Sweden?

Angela: I live in the south of Sweden, further down the coast from Gothenburg, so itís not that bad.Itís definitely not as warm as in Germany, itís about always 10 degrees colder.



Enslain: When you were living in Germany were you going to festivals?

Angela: The thing is with festivals is that itís completely lost its sex-appeal to me since I actually work in the band, and this is my job, this is going to the office, basically, for the summer.Itís like we play 10, 20, or 30 festivals, and then Iím not adding any extras, so if we play Wacken, which is what I think weíre gonna do next year, then Iím there obviously, and then I hang around and check out bands.

Enslain: But before you were in the band?

Angela: Iíve never been a festival lover.I did one, this was Dynamo Open Air in 1993, and there was constant rain for three days, and that was the day I was 16 and I decided Iím not gonna do a festival ever again!And I donít get it, thatís just suffering out there, and I mean I think itís cool when thereís nice weather, but itís really lucky picking.Maybe thatís why a lot of people are going to southern festivals in like Italy and Spain, because here is really a lucky pick if you got a good summery day, so if itís just rainy and coldÖ you know we did three festivals now in Switzerland, Austria, and East Germany, Legacy Fest, Metal Days and Summer Nights.It was just storm and hail and, you know, peopleís tents, the stage flew, and the tents!Everythingís just kinda passing by, and Iím like, thatís gonna be a problem tonight!We played outside, and it was the end of May, so.

Enslain: But do you go to gigs then?Are there any bands you just have to go and see?

Angela: I have to go and see Morbid Angel because I fucking love Ďem, and I really know David Vincent very well, him and me, we share very similar thoughts on the world so itís always a good talk.But the problem is when I go to a show, it takes about 5 minutes and then someone is always Ďisnít this, Angela, from Arch Enemy?í And thatís usually when I have to walk backstage.So I usually go to shows where I know I can go backstage, and then see it from the balcony.Thatís the problem for me with these festivals, I love these metal markets, but thereís no way, I mean Iíve tried it, last year I tried it once, and then after I had done like 35 signings, and I hadnít seen one thing yet, it was Metal Camp, Iím like, Iím done, Iím wrecked!Iím not famous outside of the metal scene, I can always go shopping, so thatís great, itís just really when I put myself into a situation, itís usually a festival where we also play, so people expect us to be there, they are looking out for us, and sometimes I would just like it to be like Japan, where theyíre really, really careful and theyíre just like (breathing heavily), but they leave you alone!Especially in Europe, and in America, youíve got dudes coming up and putting their arms around you, like they know you since like 8 years, but you donít know them! ĎHey, itís so GREAT to have you here!í Ďmmm, okay!You havenít showered for like the last three days!Do I know you?í So a lot of people feel they know you and theyíre really into you, but itís a bit too much when youíre in interview all days long, thatís how it feels a bit.All these people, you know, they love your music, and theyíve got a thousand questions in their head, and theyíre so happy to see you, but itís just a bit much.Itís not just one person, itís like 20, 30, 40 coming up to you.

Enslain:If you could take care of all of them at the same time, maybeÖ

Angela:Yeah, hold a big press conference.I donít mind people, itís just, I think it happens to everybody, it just gets a bit much.You canít chill then.

Enslain: So DO you ever get recognized in the grocery store, or whatnot?

Angela: Thatís the thing, metal is definitely getting more popular, because, Yes.Actually at the supermarket I shop in, thereís a dude working there, heís a huge Arch Enemy fan!(laughing) He works at the cash register, so every time he says like Ďwhatís up, howís the new album doing, whatís the next showí, and Iím getting really tired, and I have my groceries here, and Ďyes I drink soy milkí, and like Ďwhat, what did you ask me?í and I have a huge bag of sweets like, Ďyeah I shouldnít do this, Iím sorry, I know!íYeah, people are recognizing us more and more, I think.Thereís more metal fans, kids into metal, and internet and everything.



Enslain: Do you drink alcohol?

Angela: Well the night before I had an irish coffee, I think there was a bit of whiskey in it, so that was certainly alcohol!So yeah, I do, but not in large quantities.I do drink, I really like white wine.

Enslain: Only after the gig?Or do you ever drink before the gig?

Angela: I have had shots of whiskey before the gig, especially when itís cold outside like today, I need something to warm me up.But Iím not having a real buzz from it, or Iím definitely not drunk.

Enslain: And afterwards?

Angela: Maybe I drink a glass of wine or two, but I donít slaughter myself, because Iím way too smart for that, I just think, you know, people think very short term, and I see a lot of young, especially girls, maybe 16 or so, with like a vodka bottle.Your body doesnít know, but I give you 5 more years, and it will show, and another 10 years and you will feel it, because youíre gonna have liver problems or, especially women, itís really really bad, because they have a lot less blood than men, and it just saturates so quickly, so Iím really careful.I would never drink beer, itís just so many calories that they put in there!The thing is just like, I look at something, and I understand that Iím consuming this, Iím putting this into my body, and Iím always considering, Ďis it worth it, or is it not worth it.í And mostly I just think Ďitís not worth it.í

Enslain: So you seem to really honor your body.Are you also a vegetarian then?

Angela: Actually, Iím a vegan.Iím a huge fan of dark chocolate.I like the really dark stuff, 80% and upwards, up to 99%, which is basically cocoa beans!Because chocolate is actually good for you, thereís a very tiny amount of sugar in it, and cocoa is very good for you.And I bake.I bake with honey and whole wheat flour.Iíve actually got a mill myself.So I grind it myself, so itís fresh.So yeah, Iím very healthy.Because I just really understand that you are what you eat, thatís the essence of it.And people are always complaining about not feeling well, or they should do a diet. And usually you look at their food and think if you would just change a little bit, you wouldnít need a diet, you would just, you know, have a mango or a melon, itís a lot nicer than any of those Ďgoodiesí like these bags of sweets that people buy in Scandinavia.I mean, if someone gives me a ripe pineapple or a bag of sweets I would always go for the pineapple.I think itís a lot nicer.Millions of vitamins, and it has really little calories, and itís really good for you.Iím very conscious about what I do, who I am, and what I eat, of course, because thatís who I am in the end of the day.When Iím into having like a little shot of Baileyís, I do have that, or I like a bit of whiskey because Iím really kinda feeling cold, or a big coffee, because coffee is not supposed to be good for you as well, but sometimes I feel I need the energy, then I do that, but thereís nothing that I would turn into a habit, because most of the times I donít even feel like it.

Enslain: Do you have something you warm your voice up with before gigs?I think that some people use whiskeyÖ

Angela: Yeah, but thatís bullshit!

Enslain: Okay, so thatís like an excuse, then?

Angela: No, you canít warm up your voice with any fluids because they donít touch the vocal chords.I think those people drinking whiskey have maybe stage fright, and need to calm down, get a little bit drunk.

Enslain: Did you ever have stage fright as such, as before Arch Enemy when you werenít in any big band.So when you first went to play some big festival, did you have that at all?

Angela: Well, I mean the fear of the unknown is very human, I had this very much in the beginning, because I mean it didnít matter for me if it was 500 or 50,000, really.Just like, howís this gonna be on stage, or just communicating with people right, but that kind of went away after a coupleÖ I mean, my second show was in Japan, Tokyo, it was our own show, and there were 2,500 people, so that was a lot, and they were just all there for Arch Enemy, it wasnít a drunk festival crowd.Theyíre very sober in Japan.Completely sober crowd.So, I was nervous, yeah.But itís not stage fright, itís just normal, like when you get into any kind of situation you donít know, same like when you have to talk in front of a lot of people.Itís not stage fright, itís not like I feel sick, or feel totally shakyÖ Iíve seen people vomit.I think that the singer Chaimera vomits before every show.Heís got such stage fright, he still, after all these years, he still vomits before every show!But Iíve never had that.I guess thatís good, itís one qualification for the job!

Enslain: Were you also not nervous when you went to the tryout?

Angela: No, because I just thought, I mean, it wasnít such a big deal at the time, you have to understand that, Arch Enemy wasnít such a big band.They had done one tour and that was for ďBurning BridgesTheyíd sold 8,000 in Germany from that, and that was that in 2 years.That came out in í99, I tried out in 2001.They supported In Flames, Children of Bodom and Dark Tranquility, and went on first.And thatís when I saw them was on that tour, and Iím like okay, this is just a band.I was an Arch Enemy fan because Iím still a huge Carcass fan, so I just knew what he was doing, and I liked it because it was the most similar thing of all of them, you know, to Carcass, and it was extreme death metal, or it started off, and then it was just kinda melodic death metal later on.But I was the Only One who liked Arch Enemy, I knew, and I knew all the metal heads in the scene, and no one was big on Arch Enemy.So, I didnít have the feeling that this is going to be my future, I thought, Iím gonna try out, and if they like it, we do maybe an album, and then we do one tour, and then I just continue studying.I lived in Germany up until 2004, so I never really, it took a while to understand that things were changing for the band.It started changing when we actually released ďWages of SinĒ and then we suddenly got lots of offers and started touring so much, and then Iím like, Ďok, I canít really study next!í So no, I wasnít really nervous, I mean I was nervous to meet these guys because I was such a huge fan!So it was more that, it was like being a fan, like Ďhey, hey Chris! Sharlee!í there was more of that, I was excited to meet them.



Enslain: Last year during Wacken during Carcass you sang along (ďIncarnated Solvent AbuseĒ)Ö

Angela: Yeah, I just jumped up on stage and did a song.

Enslain: Was it prepared?

Angela: No, it wasnít.Right before the show it was just like, ďYouíre here!Didnít you just once record thisĒ and Iím like, ďyeah,Ē he said, ďjust come up and singĒ so Iím like (breathing heavy panic) ďok! cool!Ē, and he gave me a spare mic, and Iím like ďok! fuck!Ē What were the words again?Fuck!

Enslain: Hah!So, thatís the only time youíve done that with Carcass?

Angela: Yeah, yeah, that was just really spontaneous, and as a joke because thereís like so much, at that time there was a bigÖ you know, fans love controversy and there was like this ĎArch Enemy vs. Carcassí thing happening, and we just thought, weíre just gonna wipe this thing out, because itís not there, itís in peopleís heads, right, and obviously, Arch Enemy and Carcass work closely together, because thatís how we do our show/life schedule, and we share a bunch of members, and they take our gear, and they use our rehearsal rooms, so there is no animosity obviously between these two bands!

Enslain: How do you like touring life?Do you like being on the road and the tour busÖ

Angela: No, not really.I mean, no.Itís a necessity, you have to get from A to B, and as a band, we are friends, so thatís great, never any problems.Itís very easy to tour together, right, from that aspect, very comfortable, we also have the same crews, itís like a family.But itís not very comfortable, you know?Iím a comfy kind of person.Itís not the most comforting thing to sleep in a bus.

Enslain: And finding vegan food on tour is quite rare.

Angela: Yeah, well I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and I drink a lot of soy milk!Thatís not my mainÖ I can justÖ I just eat to maintain my body or whatever, but itís not like, the nice food is at home, you know.Thatís not my priority on tour.Tour is like playing a show, getting to the next city on time, playing the next show.Itís work.I like the shows, the shows are great, playing the shows.But everything around it is a bitÖ I was excited in the beginning, like ooh, I see the world, but after all these years, itís like ĎIíve been here ten times!í So, itís changed.Iím not a nomad.Iím not into really heavily traveling all the time.

Enslain: But here you are having to do it!

Angela: In a Very remote place in Finland Iím at.

Enslain: Very remote.How did you get here to Nummirock?

Angela: The van from Helsinki.



Enslain: Today is Juhannus, a holiday in Finland.Have you celebrated this, do they have something like this in Germany or Sweden?

Angela: No.Sweden they have it, yeah.Midsommarnatten.

Enslain: How is that celebrated in Sweden, is it just a big drunk holiday like here?

Angela: Yeah, people are getting very very drunk.I was hoping theyíd be dancing around naked, but I donít think thatís what they do!You know, pagan stuff!

Enslain: Well you havenít been to our campgrounds!

Angela: Yeah, probably!But in Germany, we donít have any of that, itís pretty fucking dark at 12 in the night!Itís pointless. (Looks at my hoodie) Why do you wear a Dew-Scented shirt?Thatís veryÖ rare.

Enslain: OhÖ well I toured with them, I was their merch girl in the StatesÖ

Angela: I was likeÖ whyÖ because thatís the first person Iíve ever seen with a Dew-Scented shirt.Thatís our label, so basicallyÖ I just know Leif, he works for Century Media, in Dortmund.So heís the enemy.Kind of!Hah.Itís just the label, you know.Those people who want something from you!

Enslain: So, do you have any expectations for the gig, do you know anything about this festival?

Angela: Isnít this the town where 10 kids were shot?

Enslain: Itís pretty close to where the school shooting took place.I think the guy who shot those people he was at Nummirock last year, we heard.

Angela: Oh shitÖ

Enslain: Well heís not here this year for sure!So you donít have to be afraid of another Dimebag Darrell incident.

Angela: No, noÖ thatís scary shit.I think people are gonna be really fucking drunk by the time we go on, theyíve been drinking all day.Itís gonna be very bright, which is weird at night.I mean I donít know even how many people are here.Looks quite small, I have to say, like maybe 1500-2000.

Enslain: Maybe 5000, but most of us are in the campground, because we have our own drinks, and our own beer in the campground, and then when we come here we have to be sober for a few minutes.For Arch Enemy, people will do that, but for the earlier bands, itís less likely.Also thereís no drinking area in front of the big stage, so if you want to drink while watching, youíre not gonna see anything except the trees in the way.

Angela: The last Finnish festival we did was Frostbite, thatís why I ask! (laughing all around!)

Enslain: So what WERE your impressions on Frostbite, because weíve heard lots of things!

Angela: Holy crap!Well, we were one of the two bands who got paid!

Enslain: So you know all the controversy then?

Angela: Well, we had to make it through that obviously.We said weíre only gonna come if that shitís there in advance, you know, the money, because we heard that there was a bit of a problem.So, yeah we got there, and it was pretty interesting, it was just an empty ice hall!Very cold, and the hospitalityÖ people were out there in the cold, and it was in the fucking winter, wasnít it.And heís like, ĎIím sending a limoí and Iím like Ďno, a van is just fineíÖ weíre in a limo without heating!And that thing was just skidding the whole way from Helsinki to this town for two hours because a limo is not really a car for the winter!I donít know if you want to impress us, but just, send a van!With winter tires, and some heating!And on the way back his father actually drove us to the airport because we were this close to missing the flights, because whoever he had rented, this guy was so drunk, he couldnít drive back!The driver of the fucking limo!So his father saw me, and I just looked at him and said, ĎYou know what,í I basically shouted, ĎIf you donít get us to the airport now, you know, it was a two hour drive, and if youíre gonna get there just about 40 minutes prior to close, you know, they close the check-in 40 minutes before the flight, just gotta make that fucking check-in.I donít know where you get the money from, but you have to get us new flightsí, so thatís when his father stepped in and drove us to the airport.I think his daddy was bankrolling the whole thing.I asked, Ďarenít you fucking angry?í I guess heís very rich, I dunno.I mean, I wouldíve fucking spanked my son in front of the whole crowd.Gaul was there, but he didnít punish him, unfortunately.Because he didnít get paid, we were hoping that Gaul, and the promoter, would have a little session of their own, but it didnít work out!Yeah, I donít know.Complete bullshit, I mean, Iím really sorry, but bands who donít get their money upfront, Iíve never understood that anyway.Itís a bitÖ naÔve.Iíve read somewhere itís the shame of Finland!Getting all these big bands and then just likeÖ poor people.

Enslain: People were sort of afraid that this festival would ruin the reputation of Finland in the way that NO one wants to come to Finland ever again, and now everyone is relieved to see that most of these bands, like Cradle of Filth did a gig in Finland couple weeks ago, and now Arch Enemy cameÖ

Angela: No, no.I mean weíve been to Tuska, weíve done our own club shows here, so you understand that thereís a huge difference, obviously!Itís always the promoters, a kid trying to pull of a big festival, 18 years old.Cute.Rich and spoiled.Fucking Paris Hilton in Finnish!

Enslain: I suppose heís not very rich anymore.Do you prefer club gigs or festivals?

Angela: It depends.Club gigs, itís your own gig.Itís a bit moreÖ you sell more merch, itís your crowd, thatís your gig, and this is your venue, and you can make it cozy there, and at festivals, even if youíre the headliner, youíre just kinda a victim of circumstance, most of the time.You pop in, and either everything is shit, or most of the stuff is okay, and you just deal with it.But you get the bigger crowds, right.And definitely, you get better fees for playing festivals, itís just in and out.So, I really have no preferences, I do whatever is good for us.I just wanna play in front of people, thatís the most important thing.The worst is to play at your own club gig, and nobody comes!Thatís crap!That happens to bands, and thatís really, really demoralizing.Nowadays Metal Hammer, when they do a concert review, they print how many visitors were there, and you see 50, 27, 130?Iím like, fuck!I know this place, itís big!They must have booked really, really shit!

Enslain: Do you have any favorite Finnish bands that you really respect or whatever?

Angela: Um, I donít know!I kinda like or respect Nightwish, theyíre very professional.And Children of Bodom as well, obviously.Theyíve put a stamp on the international scene.Good musicians.

Enslain: Sentenced?Amorphis?

Angela: Iíve neverÖ I liked the really early Amorphis stuff, when they were death metal, I think itís only the first album, but I was totally into that.Sentenced, Iíve never really beenÖ thereís a lot of sadness often in Finnish music, and Iím not into that.I like extreme stuff, and not too much whining and crying, like HIM as wellÖ




Enslain: So, in Arch Enemy, really, are we EVER going to hear you singing clean?

Angela: No, of course not!I just made that really clear!

Enslain: Do you not like it, or do you just not have that range?

Angela: The only ďcleanĒ voices, I love Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford, and I think itís Veronica Freeman from Benedictum, sheís got a really rough, heavy singing voice.But most women donít have that, I donít have that either, mine is really cute.Iíve never been into cute female vocals in extreme music.Nightwish is different, because theyíre not extreme, itís a bit more operatic or whatever, and with Marco singing some stuff itís cool.But Iím not a big Nightwish fan, I wouldnít say like, this is a song that I like, but itís good what they do, I understand why people like it.

Enslain: Any other females you admire, or had as a role-model when you were younger?

Angela: I was in my first band in 1991, who was around then?I think Holy Moses, that was the only band I knew, I think they had their first demo out in í86 or í87.But I was already, I loved death metal, Carcass and Pestilence and Entombed and Dismember, I liked a lot of Swedish bands.Morbid Angel and Witchery and Deicide, and you know, Holy Moses were very more like punkish back then, that wasnít really extreme enough.But I think she was singing in a cool way, like rough.And I think there was a band called Sacrilege from England, the girl shouting.But that was it though.I think the band Demonic Rise from the U.S., but that was all demos, it wasnít on CD, you just heard it by coincidence really.Like oh, thereís a band.There was no internet.NO INTERNET.It was just fanzines, and a few magazines, and even Rock Hard and Metal Hammer looked like fanzines then, and it was just tape trading, and things were a lot slower.So really I was just only into bands with dudes singing.

Enslain: How long have you been doing this growling thing?

Angela: For a long time.I tried out when I was 16 and it worked, so, then I joined a band, and uh, it just works.I think most people CAN growl, maybe most people canít do this for a very long time or they hurt their voices.

Enslain: So how do you keep your voice from destroying itself?Or does it get better just doing it long enough?

Angela: No no no, that doesnít help, just doing it long enough, because then you sound like Jamey Jasta!(makes gasping noise) or like Lemmy, I donít know, or like Corpsegrinder.Extreme singing is just like any other singing, you should know basic stuff, which is a bit of vocal hygiene, in the way that you do a vocal warm-up before the show, which I have to do very soon, and that you breathe properly.I really work just with my abdominal area.Thereís no heaving and shoulder raising and popping out veins when I sing!A lot of singers do that, so thatís not very good.You just kind of, when youíre on tour, youíre a little bit more conscious about your voice, you donít get drunk after the show and shout around, thatís one of the things you donít do or shouldnít do.Alcohol is really bad, or smoking, I would cross that off the list.But some people can smoke, I mean, Ronnie James Dio smoked his whole life, chain-smoking, heís still out there doing it.Itís just such an individual set-up, just like anything else on the human being, thereís no one similar set-up.And vocal chords are also different, some people have thicker ones that take a lot of abuse, and some people have really thin, eery ones that can sing maybe like Kate Bush, but they most certainly canít shout or growl.Itís very individual, and you just have to figure it out.

Enslain: So you just have naturally thick vocal chords?

Angela: No not really, actually.I was at the EMT at the beginning and had it checked out, and he said they look really normal, you know because I wanted to know if I had nodules or nodes or any damage.But Iím a mezzo-soprano, Iím not even an alto, or contra-alto, which is a really deep female voice.But somehow the way my muscles were, because the growling is not really vocal chords, itís the false chords next to it, and they do what I want them to do, and they produce that sound.A lot of people donít know how to use their false chords.Like, you do know?Like you know, you can shout real loud, right?Like, (shouts HEY) but do you know how to use your false chords (shouts again, much more coarsely and still loud as hell)

Enslain: I thought that false chords were maybe the operatic stuff, with a voice thatís not yours.

Angela: No, thatís a head voice.Thatís kind of a vibration.But like the singer of AC/DC, heís just singing false chords, Iíve no idea how he does it.With a lot of voice in it, so heís just putting this right on his vocal chords, thatís very, very rough.And with me itís more like (yells a bear grunt from her abdomen), so, it doesnít hurt me.But if I were to (makes a dwarfy, shrill grunt from her throat) when itís up here, then that hurts!

Enslain: Well that first one sound a bit like our friend puking yesterday after a night of drinking!But I guess the rule is, then, that if it hurts, youíre doing it wrong.

Angela: Yes.Thatís the rule.And like, where the loudness comes from.When I shout really loud, thatís basically what I do, it all comes from here (points to abdomen).I look totally relaxed and Iím really really loud.And most people, when they scream, they got these (shows neck) they do it up here, right?But thatís something learned.Thatís something you should figure out before you do this on a professional basis!

Enslain: Okay, so weíll stop keeping you from your warm-up, then, but the last question would be that, as a role model for young girls out there, do you have any words of wisdom?

Angela: I think you should just be who you are.Lots of kids have this dream, I want to be a star, but you have to figure out, being a star, thereís a shitload of work attached to it, and being a lot in the public, and the spotlight, and being very disciplined.And maybe you just really want to have two kids, and take it a bit easy.You really have to think over things before you actually step into that, because I think it destroys a lot of people, trying to become famous, and trying too hard.They see maybe good opportunities for a job or a good education, and then they justÖ I think itís really important to have.I have a really good education, and I had a job, and then I became what I am today.Just putting everything on one card is very risky, because the music business is mean, and itís brutal, and itís changing really quickly, and thereís a lot of victims.Kids who idolize me, I think they should rather listen to the sane things I say, which are probably not on stage, but rather off-stage (laughs). Like I have a website and a MySpace page, and Iím a very grounded, pragmatic person, really, and I say make sure you get a good education, and if music is your number one dream, then you really have to learn your instrument, and you have to see it like a proper job, itís not something you do, itís not just a crazy lifestyle, it just doesnít work out that way.

-- Lady Enslain

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