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Enslain Magazine, Issue #7, Spring 2000

- European Domination, a photo-rich
editorial on European bands doing US tours...
- A pictoral review of November to Dismember...
- In Flames
-Dead Silent Slumber/Naglfar
-Dimmu Borgir
-Six Feet Under
-Broken Hope/Em Sinfonia
Glossy b&w cover, 64 pgs
Issue #7
Abigor, Acid Death, Aeternus, Agathodaimon, Anal Cunt, Amon Amarth, Ancient, Ancient Wisdom, Aztec, Balance of Power, Babylon Whores, Bal-Sagoth, Betrayer, Blackstorn, Blot Mine, Broken Hope, Candiria, Christ Agony, Control Denied, Dead Silent Slumber, Deadbodieseverywhere, Defender, Dismember, Doxomedon, Earthtone9, Enochian Crescent, Einherjer, Enthroned, Extol, Face of Anger, Far'N'High, Forest of Impaled, Gardenian, Ghoulunatics, Hate Eternal, Himinbjorg, Iced Earth, Indecision, Iniquity, Into the Sunless Meridian, Karma To Burn, Keep of Kalessin, Kreator, Labyrinth, Lobotomy, Lock Up, Lucretia, Metalium, Macabre, Metal Church, Myrkskog, Mid Autumn Nights, Moonspell, Necrophagia, Night Conquers Day, No Rest for the Dead, Nothing, Of the Wand & the Moon, Opeth, Pazuzu, Pegazus, Pissing Razors, Rebaelliun, Redeem, Riot, Sanatorium, Sculptured, Shadows Fall, Shamash, Sinner, Snapcase, Soilwork, Sodom, Stigmatheist, Swordmaster, Summoning, The Gathering, The Kovenant, Thy Infernal, Type O Negative, Triumphator, Unfounded, Vanity, Vital Remains, Vivaldi: The Meeting, Without Grief, White Skull, V/A - compilations, Zao
40 Grit, Antithesis, Archetype, Azazel, Ciborium, Colder thy Kiss, Death of Millions, Deeds of Flesh, Descend, Disciples of Mockery, Ember, Esoteric, Fall, Fatal Liquidation, Fetus Eaters, Forewarned, Goatwhore, Grave Flowers, Grinman, Immemoreal, Into Darkness, Kevorkian, Krypton, K.N.S.K., Lead, Mist Enticer, Monolith, Myself Am Hell, Needles Down, Revokation, Rigor Sardonicous, Scorched-Earth Policy, Serpent Obscene, Solace in the Shadows, T666, The Cold Beyond