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Enslain Magazine, Issue #5, Spring 1999

- Ozzfest '98 VS. Metalfest XII
An editorial comparing the fests.
- Morbid Angel
- Fear Factory
- Cradle of Filth
- Sepultura
- Mortification
- Kilgore
Newsprint b&w cover, 32 pgs
Issue #5
Acheron, Agathodaimon, Alastis, Amon Amarth, Benumb, Blood Ritual, Bruce Dickinson, Captor, Centurian, Charon, Crowbar, Darken, Dark Funeral, Entwined, Fall of the Leafe, Fear Factory, Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, Katatonia, Kilgore, Konkhra, Limbonic Art, Malevolent Creation, Master, Mortification, Nifelheim, Night in Gales, Nile, Nocturnal Rites, Old Man's Child, Opeth, Pulkas, Samael, Savior Servant, Sepultura, Skepticism, Spineshank, Testify, The Chasm, The Quiet Room, Thorr's Hammer, Thy Serpent, V/A - compilations, Vader, Vision of Disorder, Zao
Colder thy Kiss, Corruption, Crayon Death, Evil Divine, God Forbid, Mandril, Manmade God, Pessimist, Prototype, Shadows Fall, Shango