WingedSerpent Master/Inner Decay/Metanemfrost

Enemy of God/Split MCD Enslain Magazine Issue #8
WingedSerpent Master, Inner Decay, and Metanemfrost are all projects of one man, Adhab Al-Farhan. WingedSerpent Master is dark, evil, satanic-minded, with very repetitive riffs and growled vocals that have a sort of whispered affect… Inner Decay is brutal, fast and morbid-themed, each song having an average length of 15 seconds, with bestial vocals that don’t even resemble that of a human… and Metanemfrost is noisy, explosive, abysmal, and the five songs are over within moments. The average listener would find each of these projects unlistenable, and I’d have to agree. However, this unrefined Satanism and brutality may appeal to fans of the ultra-extreme. -- Lady Enslain