Twisted Tower Dire

The Curse of Twisted Tower Enslain Magazine Issue #8
There are half a dozen or more Iron Maiden tributes floating around, and though the material on this demo is all original, it's perhaps the best tribute to Maiden I've heard. While not entirely replicating their sound, every aspect of this project resembles it as best a band can manage without recruiting Adrian Smith. The guitar harmonizations are structured similar to Maiden melodies, and the bass has just as much of a habit of getting carried away. Vocally, the voices are different, but his style, both in the resounding of the last words and in the structuring of the repeating chorus, is near identical. I don't think Twisted Tower Dire is as worried about being original as they are about bringing forth the classic metal elements they most admired. So what better way to tribute one of metal's biggest influences than to have fresh blood carry on where they almost left off? -- Lady Enslain