The Cold Beyond

Unofficial Demo 99 Enslain Magazine Issue #7
Ever since Milwaukee Metalfest XII, I've been following the progress of each of these band members for almost two years now due to their promising potential to become the next Satyricon or Emperor, or what have you. Formerly known as Dead By Morning, and having played Metalfest performances in both Milwaukee and in NJ by that name, The Cold Beyond start almost anew after having parted ways with two of the integral musicians responsible for this recording. Listening to this unofficial demo, you'd have very little idea of what they're really capable of. Though the amazing songwriting can be heard above the muddy sounding production, it in no way compares to their awe-inspiring live show, one of the most grim, brutal and musical experiences one is likely to ever behold. You will not be disappointed by their dark, uncompromising onslaught of fast, rich black/death. This recording is availble by sending $1.00 to cover postage. -- Lady Enslain