Somber Blessings

Legend Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Somber Blessings does not sound like a band that would be from the U.S.A., even less so from Virginia! Their style is of an atmospheric deathy nature, most often played slowly, and a cellist and violinist too as an addition to the aura they create. The lyricist is to be praised for writing some of the most poetic and medieval lyrics I've ever read. The music is great as well, and gives off the same sort of feeling as the lyrics. I don't quite understand what they are trying to accomplish vocally, with 5 different vocalists, 3 male and 2 female. There's usually only one or two singing at any given time, and I don't feel that the female vocals work well with Somber. If they could just find one male vocalist with a lot of range and style capabilities, they'd be better off. But this is a great album, excellently produced, and is enchantingly beautiful and deserving of exposure. -- Lady Enslain