Solace in the Shadows

...Of Darkness in Angels Enslain Magazine Issue #7
I hate to term this as "American black metal," however there's no more fitting term for it. It doesn't have the ragingly evil qualities of the purest of old-school black metal. Well, it does, but then it adds in the creative symphonic atmospheres to richen the sound, and for this reason may be looked down upon. But it's fast and lively as hell, and should be appreciated. The sung and growled vocals that are thrown in occasionally are a lot less fitting than the demonic screeches present here. With a better recording quality, this release would be even more amazing, but as this band is rather new to the scene, they still have time to grow, and I can tell that this band has everything required to become a big name in the US black metal scene. This would not be a band to miss live, as their songs have a furious quality which many bands lack, and which would be best conveyed in a live setting. Aside from a few minor weaknesses, "...Of Darkness in Angels" is among the best releases to come out of the Philadelphia area, and the potential for growth is limitless! -- Lady Enslain