Got Sick! Enslain Magazine Issue #8
This album is SCREAMING gimmick! From the overabundance of reference to singer Lance’s vomiting (as seen on Jerry Springer, and elsewhere,) to the various imagery in the packaging, and to the non-serious lyrical themes, there’s not much of an opportunity for the music to speak for itself. So allow me to speak for it. In between simulated talk show segments, and underneath a slew of vocal sound effects, there are a lot of really decent thrash-like riffs on here. But it’s hard to notice behind all the unnecessary nonsense. After 24 tracks, including the incorrectly titled “667 (Neighbor of the Beast)” (as we all know, 667 would be across the street from the Beast) and almost 70 minutes, all the gimmick becomes really difficult to stomach. -- Lady Enslain