Metal Mafia Enslain Magazine Issue #5
Shango is from NYC, the mafia capitol of America. They present a sound unlike any I've ever heard. It's fairly simple, and extremely tight. The guitars are powerful and chunky, the drums are a good backer, and use a lot of perfectly pulled-off triplets. The vocals are a clean yell, with occasional spoken parts, different than expected. They describe themselves as mafia metal, and no classification better suits them. the words are angry and raunchy, and often quite funny. I was lucky enough to catch their performance at the '98 metalfest. They performed an excellent set, but more noticeable was their stage show. Standing to the far sides of the stage was their entourage, two tall men in black suits that occasionally shared a word or two with the band members, with their obvious Brooklyn accents. Enough about that, Shango's sound is new and original, and their CD and shows should not be passed up on. -- Lady Enslain