Shadows Fall

Somber Eyes to the Sky Enslain Magazine Issue #5
This band, to any fan of heavy and melodic metal, is not an acquired taste, but rather a CD you'll instantly fall in love with. From first listen, I realized quite how talented these musicians are, and how solid and catchy their material is. The lyrics are very well-written and meaningful, and the vocals are commendable; the main vocalist with his great death metal growl, joined in at times by another vocalist, who throws in his clear and higher-pitched voice which sort of offsets the music, adding originality and their own style. The music is agressive yet melodic metal, with excellent riffing, leaving the songs in your head for days. Among these memorable songs are "To Ashes" and "Revel in My Loss". This 9-song demo from MA is well worth a listen to. -- Lady Enslain