Severed Head

Desecration of My Own Grave Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Before I even listened to this I knew what I was in for by using my death metal decoding device. The band logo and gore on the cover were all I needed to spend time with while doing this review. That is, I could be deaf and not a word of the following would have changed. As you never could have guessed, this is "insert 25 cents here" death metal done red, white and blue style. If this band released this 10 years ago it might be worth something, but of course it's just Cannibal Corpse clone #5624 - Q2. This isn't done totally poorly or anything , I just can't understand why bands still choose to do this rehashed crap. If a band does wanna go after this style, get a sick production and inject a lot of groove into the formula like death metal masters Skinless, Eternal Suffering and Pyrexia do to such great success! -- Garett Bussanick