Scorched-Earth Policy

Tones of Ambivalence XCIX Enslain Magazine Issue #7
This is nothing beyond what you'd expect from the Bay Area, it has the general MachineHead feel, but it does tend to grow on you. They present that metalcore sound that the 90's are well known for, without being sell-outs about it. There is song-writing talent within this material, and they surely have a future to look forward to, but not for the more extreme and underground metal fans. The quality of the recording is as clean and tight as a self-released demo could hope for. The music played is slower, catchy riffs with mid-range clean vocals, and could be considered radio-friendly, as it presents memorable and simple rhythms. This is a very professional looking/sounding release, and if you are into this kind of sound, you should enjoy Scorched-Earth Policy. -- Lady Enslain