Rigor Sardonicous

Risus Ex Motuus Enslain Magazine Issue #7
One minute into the CD, and I'm already afraid to continue listening. This is some of the doomiest material I've ever heard, super slow and deep and dismal, with almost unaudible toilet-flush vocals. The songs vary very, very little. I made it all the way to the Fifth song, and never even realized the tracks changed. Rigor Sardonicous is nothing more than your typical doom band, though perhaps a little faster at certain short intervals, but less musical. I, personally, don't get it... I don't understand why they wrote lyrics, because you can't make out a single word of it, at all. And I don't understand why they wrote so many songs, if you can't even tell when a song ends. Maybe some will appreciate this death-welcoming release, but I can't see it. -- Lady Enslain