Myself Am Hell
From Death I Arise
Myself Am Hell

From Death I Arise Enslain Magazine Issue #7
What sets Myself Am Hell apart from the herds upon herds of newer U.S. death metal bands that have entered the circuit within the last few years? They are not only fast and brutal... there's also calculated precision behind the speed. Technically superior to death metal, yet more ferocious than speed metal, they find the perfect combination of each of these elements to create a deadly sound that's also musical. And not only do they show a great improvement over their first self-titled release, but they also include a shredding cover of Megadeth's "Tornado of Souls" that demands a listen. Be prepared, their quest for worldwide takeover is inevitable! -- Lady Enslain

Myself Am Hell Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Here's a five song demo from New York that's sure to please any death metal fan. The songs are of a speed/technical nature, lots of guitar solos and fast double-bass work, and the production is very clean and tight. By sound quality, it's almost hard to believe this is demo-material! Even the songs display a good amount of originality that you'd come to expect of a label release. The songs don't get boring because each has its' own unique sounds and riffing to catch on to. The vocals are purely satanic, and sang in a decent throaty growl. Myself Am Hell definitely have a good chance at survival in the highly critical death metal scene. -- Lady Enslain