Concentration of Suffering Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Popping this in was a refreshing change of pace. Brutal Death metal, reminds me of early Carcass and maybe Cannibal Corpse. Lots of double bass on some really killer drumming-over, backed by some excellent guitar work. Pretty much standard death metal vocal styling accented by some Deicide like screaming. A pretty impressive package in total. I do wish the album were a bit longer. It's only about 25 minutes long overall. It is a little rough around the edges production wise, but it fits with the overall sound that they have going on. Any grindcore fan should consider this a must have and it will have a home in my CD changer for a while. I will also have to check out some of their past efforts like Dilution of Pain, and I look forward to the next release by this talented Canadian four piece. -- Chris