Mist Enticer

Hetaera Esmeralda Enslain Magazine Issue #7
From first listen, Mist Enticer came as a real surprise. You'd never guess by the musical quality and good production that this is a self-funded effort! I can see a definite future for these Norwegian natives, having a sound that is far removed from the common Norway black metal sound, yet still dark and hateful. A melodic, full, complex and lively sound is present here, with angry growl/yelled vocals. The second track, "Mina Nightflower" begins with a slow, chliling, accoustic intro, with synthesized flute and deep chanted vocals in the background, and evolves into a doomierr sound, telling the tale of vampyric lust. Each of the songs are very strong, and hold their own on this death/black release, and it's definitely worth checking out! -- Lady Enslain