Manmade God

Manmade God Enslain Magazine Issue #5
Anyone else miss Alice In Chains as much as I do? Well, these guys might actually help you fulfill your craving. Ex-members of Forbidden team up on this new demo that sounds less like thrash, and more like grunge. Let me not be mistaken, this album is heavy, and definitely metal, but musically, and especially vocally, is reminiscent of AIC. There are a lot of addicting songs on this album, with slow crunchy rhythms with a lot of creative spurts throughout each song. The vocals can only be compared to those of Layne Staley (AIC), whose voice I've never heard matched by anyone except Manmade's Mike Green. Green's voice has it's own originality, it's certainly not a ripp of Staley, but it is very enjoyable, and when doubled with itself, produces an even better sound. All the songs seem to have the same instrument sound, but they each have their own unique twists to them, and are all very good. -- Lady Enslain