Burning the Sickbed Enslain Magazine Issue #5
Originality runs through Mandril's veins in this interesting 11-song demo. Some songs are very fast with a grind beat and incredibly fast vocals, some are relatively slow and trippy, and others are melodic and reasonably paced. But they are all quite different from anything I've ever heard. Perhaps the most interesting part of the band is the vocalist, Steve Jackson, whose voice is incomparable. His range goes from a deep growl, to a black metal screech, to a lunatical cry, that sometimes sounds like he's yelling, and sometimes like he is laughing or mocking. The first track, "Stillborne," is my favorite. It is one of the most memorable songs off of the CD, and the lyrics so descriptively portray the momentary life of a stillborn child. Other great tracks include "Downhill" and "Sarcadium." If you are looking for something new, try out Mandril. -- Lady Enslain