K.N.S.K. Enslain Magazine Issue #7
This sounds like your average "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to get a band together" band... Due to the "garage" quality of this recording, the vocalist seems to have to overcompensate to be heard, either that or he likes to scream that painfully for his health. Musically, one can be slightly reminded of Black Sabbath, and this seems to be intentional, but it doesn't have enough depth or vision. This is doomy and sludgy, yet faster than what is common. The songs (both of them) are simple and repetitive, as each song will go through two or three differnent phases, and repeat the same thing over and over through these phases. It's almost hard to tell that these are different songs, except maybe vocally. Perhaps in the future K.N.S.K. will develop a sound they can call their own, and learn some advanced song-writing techniques, but until then, this two-song demo will have very little value to most of us. -- Lady Enslain