Into Darkness

The Day the Birth Stood Still Enslain Magazine Issue #7
Here we have a short effort from Into Darkness. First impression, damn that is a heavy sound! Not quite the vocal styling I was expecting though, resembles Overkill vocally, and maybe even musically. Production could have been a little better, there is a couple of rough edges but still very good. Excellent guitar sound from the school of heavy. Great sounding drumming provided with some unexpected off beatish type stuff adds an edge to this, and if I am not mistake I am listening to bongos... and a little synth in the first song backed up by a heavy as hell rhythm. It even speeds up a bit when you leat expect it (the first song has a great ending, you just gotta hear it.) I would recommend this one to all. Not really power metal, just some plain old-fashioned HEAVY METAL. -- Chris