Gods Among Men Enslain Magazine Issue #8
This CD from England's 83rd rate death metal band Imperator went along with lame riffs, boring drum patterns that are partially audible, uninspired vocal growls that are half-assed, and songs that are of themost forgettable sort. This sucks completely and horribly. The first track was about 3 or 4 minutes too long with zero attention put on song structure as riffs and sections repeated with absolutely no meaning or integrity. Then the second track starts up with what becomes a slug paced Morbid Angel riff which sucks. I imagine this band playing live with 4 people standing in front of the stage like stone statues with the facial expressions of watching some lame 1950's sitcom as they wait for the headliner to go on in 6 hours. Bands like this need to cease all activity immediately and stop ruining death metal. -- Garett Bussanick