Grave Flowers

Solace Me Enslain Magazine Issue #7
Grave Flowers is the long-running solo project of Matte Anderson of one of Sweden's most unique and creative bands, Godgory. Musically, this is calm and gentle, chillingly peaceful and rather dark natured. Simple keyboards are prominent, while slow additional instrumentation including guitars and drums subtly add to the atmosphere. Most of the songs are this way, though there are a few faster paced songs as well. For the most part, this is a very relaxing CD, which is a very nice change of pace. However, the vocals tend to clash with this. Lyrically it's very emotional, yet sung in a higher pitch than fitting to transmit these feelings. The vocals just don't sound as strong as they could when singing these high notes, and I think it would sound better if the vocals were strengthened by concentrating more on the power from the gut as opposed to the vocal chords, and also by singing deeper. Aside from this, the songs have diversity and uniqueness, and make for an enjoyably gloomy listening experience. -- Lady Enslain