God Forbid

Out of Misery Enslain Magazine Issue #5
Here's a suprisingly good little MCD I found in my mailbox as an added prize for receiving some vinyl a rather long time after ordering it from someone. I threw it on thinking it would be something cheesy and forgettable seeing as how I come across so much stuff that falls under that categorization. Damn, was I wrong.
God Forbid are a young band from New Jersey that play an excellent brand of thrash metal. There is plenty of talent here and they show much promise. The best thing I can say about this band is that they are able to come up with some very catchy and memorable riffing that precious few bands are able to do today. An example of this is the killer track “Madman” which has some awesome harmonics in it that you will not be able to get out of your head for a long time.
If you love well played thrash ALA old Forbidden, pre fag out Testament, and “B.O.M.B.” era Crumbsuckers, then you will really like this band. “Out of Misery” is a sure attention getter if you give it a chance. Can't wait to hear some new material! -- Morbid Mario