Serenades to the Tides of Blood Enslain Magazine Issue #7
It's frightening how much Goatwhore reminds me of Acid Bath. This demo features Sammy Duet, (x-Acid Bath, Crowbar), and you can tell he has a strong hand in the writing and arranging process, as the style of the riffs is quite similar to his previous works. Take away the slow, trippy melodies and add in the grinding musicianship of the rhythm section, and you have Goatwhore. This is brutal and driving enough to please the extreme black metal fans, and still offers slower, gloomily harmonizing passages that help regain the senses. Vocally, they're blessed with the ultra-evil screams of desolation from Soilent Green's Ben Falgoust. Putting all these elements together makes for a moshable, listenable, and very enjoyable release, and the most promising I've heard all year. -- Lady Enslain