Fetus Eaters

Do You Want to Get Pregnant? Enslain Magazine Issue #7
Ummmm.... right... This is one of those demos you can't take seriously. At all. Musically, conceptually, lyrically, this is very grade school. They write a song titled "Fuck Yer Mom, & Oh, By the Way, I'm Satan," and they think this is funny. I hope this whole project is just an inside joke, and that at least someone can find it humorous. Otherwise, it seems to have no direction, and no interest to anyone other than maybe their friends. I hope this didn't cost them a lot to make... it certainly doesn't sound like it did. Production is noisy, and the worse than grindcore songs sound like they were made up as they were recording. I'd like to end this with one nice thing to say about Fetus Eaters. I can't believe they had enough guts to release this sad piece of work. -- Lady Enslain