Fierce Cries of the Manic Enslain Magazine Issue #7
This sophomore demo came as a shock... I'm not even really sure how I got it, but I'm glad I did. Fall serve as further proof that death metal, even in its rawest form, has no boundaries. The music is super fast, when it needs to be, but they don't just play blast beats throughout the entirety of the CD, though there is plenty of that to go around. A full length demo, and I find myself being able to listen to it from beginning to end without losing interest. The layered guitars and odd time signatures are balanced out by the simpler, slower songs which have just as much intensity. And "Recreational Homicide," the chilling instrumental, shows that Fall doesn't hide solely behind the shield of brutality. A diverse and promising effort, "Fierce Cries of the Manic" not only describes the content herein, but also will describe the reactions of those subjected! -- Lady Enslain