Mercurial Enslain Magazine Issue #7
While Esoteric seem to praise extreme metal, their songs seem to be about a decade too late to be considered as such. Obvious similarities exist to the classic death metal legends in the earlier stages of their careers, such as Death and Cynic, and the songs are definitely skilled. The opening track "Within This Rusted Shell" does catch the attention by its opening of fast death metal that is particularly upbeat, not as dark or mean as one might expect. It's actually more fun to listen to. The rest of this tape tends to wind down a bit in this aspect, though the progressive guitar solos and off-beat time signatures continue to catch the attention. This tape demo includes 7 original songs, and on the second side, four classic Death tunes, quite appropriately. While not the most original music on Earth, Esoteric blend their technical skill with good song-writing, and for this, deserve our support. -- Lady Enslain