Chapter III - Concession and Anthology Enslain Magazine Issue #7
This CD is interesting because it gives you a timeline, and every song that was released during this time. This allows you to really see how they've progressed in style, technique, and effectiveness. The CD starts from the most recent songs and heads backwards through their two previous demo releases, but I prefer to listen backwards. They seem to have started off with dark production and even darker music. Nothing all that original for the most part, but it does date back to five years ago. The guitars do get rather creative even in this early stage. The songs from the middle "chapter" of their career are the most audially friendly tracks, having superior guitars with the slightest touch of melody. Then upon hearing the newest recorded material, you'll be almost shocked that it's the same band. At times, more of a heavy punk influence is added, yet backed with fast aggressive drumming. The vocals are the same at any given point in their history, monotone throat-killing yells that distract attention away from the uniquely crafted music. If you're able to look past a few weaknesses, you should find yourself enjoying this, or at least the middle portion, as I do. -- Lady Enslain