Disciples of Mockery

Prelude to Apocalypse Enslain Magazine Issue #7
Argh!!! Blasphemous, pounding and desecrating Death Metal at its finest is what we have here! As many of you should know by now this band is comprised of the entire lineup of Incantation’s first album, “Onward to Golgotha” sans John McEntee, of corpse. On guitar is Mike Boyce formerly of Rotting Corpse, but let us forget of previous bands, and focus on the pure apocalyptic sounds of the Disciples of Mockery. “Prelude to Apocalypse” is one heavy as fuck album. I don’t mean heavy like a Panzer tank coming through your front door, but heavy like a dozen ICBMs being dropped in the same spot and your stereo system is ground zero. Tons of double bass riffs so sickening and dark they will be the things of your most hideous nightmares. Craig Pillard’s vocals are still the deep growling sepulchral voice that you expected, but there is a slight difference from when you heard him back on “Onward…” They just seem to be even more sickening and less controlled than before. They round out the sound perfectly. All Death Metal freaks MUST have this album. An absolute must have if you crave Death Metal at its darkest and most crematorial. -- Morbid Mario