Lowest Common Denominator Enslain Magazine Issue #8
I would almost label this some sort of noise-grind hardcore metal, but that still falls short. There's something going on past the abrasive low-end sludge, and if you listen close enough, you can hear it also, but I don't know that too many individuals would be willing to do this.
These compositions are all over the place, along with standard toilet-flush vocals. Primarily distorted grinds and mid-tempo hardcore beats abound, with some clean-tone jazz-core sections. This material is not as technical as it is plain out chaotic and multidirectional. Kill off some of the low end, and one would have a release that would appeal to more than just the noise-grind fans. If you are looking to get into this genre, this is an excellent primer, as it does pose just enough distinction to attract a daring listener. -- Rich