Colder Thy Kiss
Into the Mouth of God
Summer's Dying Twitch

Into the Mouth of God Enslain Magazine Issue #7
Here is a self-released CD that proves definite direction. This is Colder thy Kiss' second self-release, and it shows numerous improvements. Vocalist Joseph C. Petrick's clean vocals have become stronger, and occasional growls are present, widening the field of their sound. There is a good deal of diversity on this one, from your gloomier gothic pieces, to faster atmospheric metal. The tight production is of nearly professional quality, and the packaging is also. The songs are very tranquil, dark, and though the keyboard passages are a little on the simple side, they do fit quite nicely. A slow and simplistic nature is noticed throughout most of the disk, only adding to the somber, melancholic, depressive state of the songs. There is emotion within these passages, and that is what, above all else, makes "Into The Mouth of God" worth listening to. -- Lady Enslain

Summer's Dying Twitch Enslain Magazine Issue #5
Colder Thy Kiss is an amazing goth/metal band from Northern New Jersey. From first listen, their demo really impressed me, and the songs have been sticking in my head ever since. Their sound is similar to that of Moonspell or Type O Negative, yet carries it's own uniqueness. The guitars are generally on the slower side, crunchy and raw. The keyboards switch off from pianic notes to synthesized chords, and never get boring. The vocals are clear, deep, and powerful, almost perfect, but could use a little strengthening at times. Production quality is great, especially for a tape demo. My favorite song off of the album is "In The Past Where the Shadows Dance," an excellent and addicting song that you will want to rewind and replay. -- Lady Enslain