Sign of Chaos Enslain Magazine Issue #8
After getting through the first track of these Canadians’ album (with a pause to go down to the basement to get a few Heinekens), I figure there are a few bands that come to mind that Cephalectomy borrow from intheir rather enjoyable output. I hear a Cephalic Carnage influenced Exhumed dual vocal attack, which is cool and gives the music quite an urgency. Quite a few of these riffs are inspired from Scandinavia. A perfect example of this is the intro to "Phantoms of the Fallen Ruins of Kia" which has an At The Gates riff being plastered with an early Dismember solo which recalls the intro solo from "Dreaming in Red" off of “Indecent and Obscene”. Other riffs stink of good 'ole American death/grind that are not done poorly or lamely. Unfortunately, the kick drum is almost totally lost in the mix being buried under the low end giving this the "all I hear is the snare" problem. By the way, the drummer can really blast damn fast which is a fine attribute to this release. This disc did not have me reaching for the stop button on my stereo at any time. It's kinda tough to describe. It's like forcing a Swedish metal square block into a slightly spastic and circular death/grind hole. There is a fair amount of originality here with style meshing but there is nothing super new other than the two main styles being forced together which I can't say I've heard before. This is a pretty good release, as I enjoyed the majority of parts, but it's not adventurous enough for me to stand very firmly behind. This is a less crazed, more straight forward Cephalic Carnage if they were born in Sweden with the Exhumed vocal attack on board, with a small amount of gay thrashy riffs (but nothing that detracts too badly). -- Garett Bussanick