Order of the Fly Enslain Magazine Issue #7
I remember a few years back when nearly all American black metal was a pale and laughable imitation of what the European masters of blasphemy were doing. These days bands such as Summon, Thornspawn, the long enduring and mighty Absu, and a few others are making American black metal a dark force to be feared and loathed. Another band to be ranked among those few worthy elite are Azazel. Hailing from Florida, the once proud capital of death metal some years back, this band is making an impact with their searing brand of desecration and hatred. “Order of the Fly,” their first self-released album, is chock full of speed, intensity, irreverence and even some well placed melody which makes it an essential black metal release. Traces of early Burzum, Mayhem, and Sarcofago can be heard throughout the album. Definitely a must have for those eager to catch the first wave of American Black Metal destined to scorch this side of the Earth with darkness and evil. -- Morbid Mario