Hands of Time Enslain Magazine Issue #7
Yet another very talented band that pulls off some good power metal. I was a bit suprised when I listened to the album. I was a bit disappointed that it's only four songs, but the quality of the four songs makes up for the lack of quantity. These guys are very, very tight, and the production is top notch. Overall very impressive; good solid vocals, tight guitar harmonies and some great drumming. Some real nice off beat stuff and a suprisingly strong bass guitar sound set this aside from the average power metal band. Oddly enough these guys are from Ohio. I am used to bands of this type being foreign. Is this a sign of things to come with American bands? I sure hope so. I would be very interested to hear some more material from these guys as I was truly taken aback by the amount of overall talent here. Anyone interested in the technical side of power metal should own this. -- Chris