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  • Relevant metal-related CDs/DVDs/LPs sent in will be considered for review. Digital material also accepted.
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Staff Profile
Lady Enslain - Chrissy Turpeinen
Editress / Publisher / Writer / Webmistress / Photographer / Alcoholic
Birthdate: July 22
Favorite Song: Amorphis - "Summer's End", or live, Hypocrisy - "Osculum Obscenum"
Hobbies: Swordfighting, aerial acrobatics, traveling to sunny places, playing RPG's, cuddling kittens
Best Metal Experiences:
- Touring the States with To/Die/For
- Working for Nuclear Blast - Philadelphia
- Going to my first Milwaukee Metalfest in 1998
Favorite Drink: Pirkka Olut - Sweet and Makea!

Rich - Richard Gulczynski
Writer / Lady Enslain's kickass older brother
Birthdate: October 2, 1974
Favorite Song: Rush - "The Trees"
Hobbies: Composing music, writing literature
Best Metal Experiences:
- Touring as bassist for Decapitated
- Brief stint as guitarist for Polterchrist
- All the Morbid Angel shows I've seen
Favorite Drink: Bass Ale