Yellow Machinegun

Spot Remover (Howling Bull Entertainment) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
A rather interesting concept, for sure... an aggressive three-piece female metal band from Japan. That in itself should do well to attract a lot of attention to this rare mixture of a band, if not scaring away just as many. But the music should be judged for its merit, and not by its novelty. Yellow Machinegun isn't death metal, nor thrash, nor hardcore, I'm really not sure what to classify it as though it has some elements of each. But the elementary simplicity of the riffing brings it closer to a sort of punk-metalcore mix. And as a three-piece, it's missing a lot of fullness that could help liven it up a bit. It's interesting, vocally, this chick can get some decent growls in, though she only growls sparingly, and her English is evidently lacking, as a lot of the lyrics make very little sense. Aside from the obvious novelty, there's really nothing new or exciting in this release; it just seems to drag on endlessly. Once you've heard one song, you might as well just put it on repeat. -- Lady Enslain