Without Grief

Absorbing the Ashes (Serious Entertainment)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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I don't know what's keeping this album from being as big as it could be... it's absolutely amazing! The songs on this release leave a deep impression in the skull, with enough classic metal leads and creative melodic riffing and harmonizing to keep one's interest throughout the CD. Every damn song rings out in your mind for days after listening! The production is clean and bass-heavy, very tight. I really enjoy the fourth track, "Instrumental," which serves as a peaceful break to the constant pummeling of the senses, and then segues all too smoothly into "To the End." The songs don't vary a lot, but with such an intense and empowering sound, they don't really need to. Without Grief is another great band that proves Sweden's artistic superiority. Fans of this sound will certainly not be disappointed with "Absorbing the Ashes." -- Lady Enslain