Memento Mori
(Lifeforce Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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In their short 2-year existence, Atlanta's Withered have unleashed a record of destructive proportions. "Memento Mori" contains some of the heaviest, most crushing doom metal beknownst to man. Their specialty, however, is in transitioning from dense doom to intense grinds before you even know the train hit ya. The death/grindcore moments are performed at a blistering [three instances of this word in their bio totally brainwashed me into using it] pace. Ultrafast guitar picking mirrors the drummer's brutal blast beats, while the depressive low-end punishes even more. The vocals are quite often non-existent, in favor of instrumental chaos, but when present, the guttural low growls and throaty high screams act well upon the music.

This seven-song disc is a mere 36 minutes long, though this is ample time to devastate and destroy you. The songs are highly unstructured, following unexpected changes of course, and the music is relentless, making this a tough listen for most. Recommended for fans of Mastodon and the like, and death metal fans who are ready for something a little different. --
Lady Enslain