Die Asche eines Lebens
(No Colours Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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This full-length is the second Wigrid release, a one-man project masterminded by Ulfhednir. These five lengthy songs are composed of a couple of melodic riffs played in a slow blackened metal style. The guitarwork is definitely the strength of this album - it's creative although somewhat repetitive. The vocals are total filthy black metal, sounds a little bit painful actually, and they are monotone and unchanging. The drumming is the biggest drawback; it's very simple and through some songs the timing is off so significantly that it's distracting. The guitars are in synch with each other, which is most important. I think Ulfhednir has good musical vision, and his songs are well-written. Although it is good for a one-man project, it might do better with an experienced drummer and a vocalist with more range. As it is, though, it is very raw but with a clean enough sound that's memorable while still being misanthropic.

An early Burzum influence is noticeable, but not prevalent. There is a similarity in style and arrangement, but the tone and voice are quite different, and the tempo of Wigrid is much slower. Black metal loyalists will enjoy this disc, and I think a lot of others would enjoy it with cleaner production. Although the quality needs work, the guitars sound really distinct and their tone is quite sinister and depressive. This is a very underground-oriented black metal project, and it has no place in the hands of anyone else. --
Lady Enslain