On Fire
(Cruz Del Sur Music)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Remember the heyday of hair metal, when it was difficult to say for sure (vocally) if the guys in the band really were guys? Now imagine that your favorite heavy metal singer really was a chick. Then throw in a second (male) vocalist, with clean and growling potential, and some really typical (cheesy) duet lyrics…and you have Widow.

Don't get me wrong, this is actually really entertaining. The guitarwork is reminiscent of old-school Iron Maiden-styled harmonies, with creative and playful riffs, impressive solos, and an energetic gallopping rhythm. Lili's voice fits in surprisingly well, with something of an 80's metal quality to it (without being annoying), staying primarily in mid-tone, with an occassional higher-pitched melodic vocal. Guitarist Cristof also lends his vocals to play off of, or cleanly harmonize with Lili. An interesting addition to the vocal category is his screeched growl, which modernizes the songs exponentially, just in case you weren't sure that this wasn't a demo dug up and remastered from two decades ago.

This typical blend of all things 80's could only come from the USA. North Carolina's Widow typify this sound so well while still adding their own unique twists, including some European-influenced melodies, and horror-inspired lyrics. This won't attract fans of other genres, who won't be able to handle the extra layer of cheese on the lyric sheet ("My brother is my lover... / My sister is my mistress… / I'll still have your baby) But otherwise, "On Fire" will be a very worthy addition to any collection of "horns up" heavy metal. --
Lady Enslain