White Skull
Public Glory, Secret Agony
Tales from the North

Public Glory, Secret Agony (Nuclear Blast) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
The album starts off with a very powerful intro called "Burn Rome, Burn" and from there it takes off into "High Treason." And let me emphasize the phrase "takes off." Immediately it goes right into rip-roaring double bass and some super smooth, ultra fast guitar harmonies. This Italian 5-piece has once again scored victory in the Euro power metal category. Once again powerful full sound and super tight production fills the air. I can almost picture some of these songs as being soundtrack material for movies like Conan and The Highlander. Each track has it's own personality and attributes. Anyone interested in bands like Maiden, Helloween and Saxon have to pick this up. This is the kind of album that could convert a non-power metal fan. I consider this album a must have for any metal fan. -- Chris

Tales from the North (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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This album starts out with an intro that just says "this is gonna be good". From there the album explodes into something that a lot of music is missing these days. PASSION. It is just so tight and so intense that you find yourself not really caring how good the production was or thinking ‘well this could be better or that could be better,’ though by the way, the production was excellent. Very well balanced. There is tasteful usage of keyboard/synth going on that really adds thickness, and warmth to the overall sound. Definitely fitting into the power metal category, it is toward the heavier end. Tons of double bass, lots of great harmonies, and some real strong guitar playing are the strong points of this effort. Vocals are pretty typical to the genre (though a little on the low pitch side). This is honestly one of the very best power metal efforts I have heard in a really long time. -- Chris