Vision of Disorder

Imprint (Roadrunner Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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I had to listen to this album three or four times before it sank in. There is only one word that could describe it: Brutal. This album is absolutely vicious. There is such an incredible amount of intensity and feeling in this album. It has a kind of "Garage Days" feel to it. It is relatively unproduced which gives it a very harsh edge. The album was completed in just 19 days start to finish and that just adds to it. This album would not be the same if it was an overproduced studio album.
The overall sound of this album is quite a bit different from the first album. But if you liked the first one you would definitely like this one. One of my favorites would have to be Landslide. Now that is a song that will just kick your ass all over the place. And if that song doesn't do it, try seeing them live. Plan on getting hurt -- seriously. They are an exploration in music. It would be real hard to categorize, but if I had to I would say this. If you like Pantera and Fear Factory then you can probably get into this. So for those of yo who don't own Imprint yet, buy it, and pick up their self title too when your at it. -- Chris