Cosmic Genesis
Ödemarkens Son

Cosmic Genesis (Century Media) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Can anything I say possibly do justice to this immaculate piece of work? Easily his best effort to date, "Cosmic Genesis" is a musical, vocal and lyrical masterpiece. The sound is dark and ominous, while being melodic and spirited, and still at times harsh and intense. With the addition of Mattias Marklund on guitars, the riffing has become darker, and the harmonies more inspired. The synthesization brings every element together seamlessly, while adding subtle depth and melody. As for the vocals, it's not a wonder at all that Vintersorg was asked to be the new vocalist for Borknagar. His capability with all ranges and styles of singing is remarkable, and the clarity and purity of his voice is enlivening. On this fourth release, only two of the songs retain his native Swedish tongue. As much as I loved hearing the Swedish vocalizations, his words are so eloquent and imaginative, that it's crucial that they are widely understandable. The lyrics are a captivating exploration into science and nature, the depths of the mind, and everything metaphysical.
The album absolutely explodes into "Astral & Arcane", retains the interest with the intense and dynamic "Algol", a surprising cover of Uriah Heep's "Rainbow Demon", and Swedish masterwork "Naturens Galleri" and ends with "The Enigmatic Spirit", an enchantingly soft and beautiful song with a charmingly pure and memorable chorus. Not a single song ever sounds formatted, gets stale, or lacks insight and genius. Experiencing this entire disc is musical expectation altering, as well as life enriching. -- Lady Enslain

Ödemarkens Son (Century Media) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
FUCK! I can hardly control myself on this one. I had heard many a good thing about Vintersorg, but hadn't witnessed first hand what all the hype was about. Let's get out of the way that all the lyrics are written in an ancient form of Swedish. While this is perhaps the most immediately noticeable element, it's insignificant in comparison to the amazingly PERFECT music that backs it. I don't use the word perfect lightly. It took careful consideration in whether or not I should dare site the word as a description, but there's no better way of expressing it. The music ranges from black to melodic death, but each song carries elements of all sorts, leading one to dismiss categorization, and simply listen and enjoy. The riffs are genius, the arrangements even moreso, to where riff changes are almost unnoticeable. Not a single moment falls flat, all are filled with little pieces of melodic instrumentation and unique sound. Back to the vocals, Vintersorg's voice is so pure, deep mid-ranged, and once again, perfect. Though he lets out an occasional growl, most of the lyrics are sung so clearly without the slightest rough edge. Occasionally doubled up vocal tracks as well as female vocals on "Svältvinter" make the vocal harmonies nearly as amazing as the musical ones. This is what makes the album so amazing, is the ability to write extreme, crushing black metal riffs and still not neglect absolute harmonic quality. There is such control over tempo and dynamics, making each song so evolving and involving. And there's no filler on here, each track is a new blend of every dark and lovely element of metal. He also has control over the medieval atmospheric sound structure, introed wondrously in "På Landet" and found throughout other various moments. I can't stress enough how devastatingly genius this release is, and can't justify anyone dismissing it. -- Lady Enslain