Velonnic Sin

( Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Wicked Black Metal! This record is fairly raw, but not in the usual way. The guitar chords are a bit boomy, with a hint of high end scratch, but during fast "melodic" lines they sound a bit higher. The bass drums are like very thin taps without much depth, and the snare tends to get a bit lost in the guitar mix.

The music is vary fast and uncompromising. It occasionally slows into the more moodier riffs, which makes for a good contrast. The songs also include a few gregorian chants, and other miscellaneous samples. There are some cool leads scattered here and there as well. The rhythyms have a dark and regal quality to them, like proclamations of victory. The track "Pestilent Hands", for example, ends with an extended sample of what sounds like a ritual chant, with screaming in the background. Also included are a few clean/acoustic guitar parts, and at times the very low, demonic growls that sound like they are processed with a pitch shifter, set down an octave.

My only criticism is that the production could have been a slightly more clear and better mixed. The music is good, but just a bit difficult to fully take in at times. --