Enslaved (Euphonious)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Enslaved, the first label release from Greece's Vanity, is comprised of some of the most musical and melodious songs ever written. There is so much going on, and the sound is so full, and yet each instrument is capable of standing out. The bass is capable of giving a separate presence from the guitars without sounding inappropriate, and the pianic keyboards are at just the right level to not smother the riffs, and yet be heard as more than just background... at times they interact more with the music than is common. The two guitarists create melodic and almost folklike riffs, backed by mid-tempo drumming that switches to double bass to supply the needed aggression to certain tracks. There are a few songs of pure atmosphere that help to ease the mind by occurring between the more complex and full songs. I wouldn't consider this to be death metal, but rather melodic dark metal with varying moods and a lot of originality. -- Lady Enslain